Optimal Breeding Practices

We practice Optimal Breeding Practices to help us reach our goal to breed puppies that are temperamentally, physically, and genetically sound and, therefore  more likely to become a better fit with your lifestyle.

Registered Breeders

We  are registered breeders that operate under the mandatory Code of Practice set out by the Victorian State Government and are a fully licenced Domestic Animal Business. Our Domestic Animal Business Licence Number and our Source Number can be found at the bottom of this page.

Victorian Minister Approved Kennels

We are extremely excited and proud to announce that our kennels are approved by the Victorian Agricultural Minister. In order to receive approval from the Victorian Minister we had to undergo a very lengthy process including a 6 hour audit conducted by 4 Victorian Animal Welfare Officers and the Chief Veterinary Officer of Victoria before the Agricultural Minister of Victoria considers granting approval. This process is necessary to ensure that Victorian Minister Approved Kennels are operating at the very highest of Animal Welfare standards.  Learn more about the different types of Dog Breeders Registered in Australia

We DNA test for 30 genetic diseases

Our Comprehensive DNA Disease Testing includes testing for over 30 different genetic diseases that affect dogs. For our puppies to be given an assurance that they will not be affected by any of these diseases, the father of the litter must return a clear result for all 30 genetic diseases we test for . This is the best assurance that their puppies will not be affected.

We understand genetics

We believe that it’s absolutely vital that breeders are experienced and educated in animal genetics to ensure they have the expertise to carefully study and understand their dogs genetics.  Michael from Chevromist Kennels is always our first point of contact before we plan a litter of puppies.  Michael has been involved with breeding dogs for over 30 years.  Along with that hands on experience, he completed his degree in Animal Science with a focus on Genetics, then went on to complete his Honours work in immunology through Melbourne University’s Dept of Medicine and the CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory.  We are extremely fortunate to have Michael as an integral part of our team.

Recommended by the Chief Veterinary Officer Victoria

Our kennel facility (Hepburn Park) has received a recommendation from the Chief Veterinary Officer of Victoria.  This recommendation is extremely difficult to successfully achieve and is only given to kennels and breeding programs that can meet the highest of standards.

The very best in puppy husbandry

You can rest assured that our puppies are raised using the best possible puppy husbandry practices.  Daily socialisation and enrichment in a hygienic, safe environment with a caring and experienced team.
Nutrition plays a huge role in puppy and adult dog health.  Our adult dogs and puppies are fed only the very best.  We use and recommend Hypro Premium Dry Dog Food
Hypro Premium Dry Dog Foods are Australian made, using locally sourced Australian ingredients, from Australian farmers. With zero compromise on quality, they provide Australian made, natural products, using carefully selected superfoods and holistic ingredients.
We strongly recommend that once you’ve brought your puppy home, you continue to feed your puppy Hypro Premium Dry Dog Food (Puppy-Turkey & Lamb).
You can purchase Hypro Premium Dry Food directly from the manufacture at www.hypropremium.com.au or call 1300 070 113

Physically Sound and Behaviourally Predictable

Our breeding program is well established with over 30 years of experience.  Using genetic testing and carefully selecting breeding dogs to enter our breeding program, we select dogs to achieve our goal to produce puppies that are physically and temperamentally sound.