Comprehensive DNA Disease Testing

While DNA disease testing of dogs has been available for a few years now, it was often restricted to a few diseases for only a handful of breeds. Scientific breakthroughs over the last few years have opened up the availability of more and more tests to cover even more diseases and also a greater number of breeds. Chevromist Kennels have led the way in terms of DNA testing of parent breeds for a number of designer breeds previously not DNA tested including BeagliersCavoodles and Moodles.

The term “DNA Testing” may sound invasive for the dog, but all of the following tests in our Comprehensive DNA Disease Testing are done via a buccal swab to minimise any discomfort to the dogs. A test via buccal swab involves placing a sterile swab inside the dog’s mouth and gently rubbing the swab against the inside of the dog’s cheek to collect some skin cells. The swab is then sent off to an independent genetic laboratory to be analysed. The results of the DNA screen must come back as all being clear (no disease causing mutations) before the dog is allowed to breed.

Canine DNA resultsOur Comprehensive DNA Disease Testing includes testing for over 30 different genetic diseases that affect dogs. For our puppies to be given an assurance that they will not be affected by any of these diseases, the father of the litter must return a clear result for all of the diseases listed above. This is the best assurance that their puppies will not be affected.

While this list comprises of all the genetic disease tests available at the moment, screening for even more diseases will be included as new tests are developed and validated. While the list is very comprehensive, DNA testing does not replace the need to take great care of your dog throughout its life. Proper healthcare, diet, exercise in combination with DNA disease testing is the best way to ensure a long and healthy life for your new companion.

The Future of Canine DNA Disease Testing

Scientific research is progressing very quickly in the hunt for new DNA markers for canine diseases and we will continue to follow this progress keenly. As new tests become available for other diseases we will add them to the already extensive repertoire of diseases already screened for.

We understand genetics

We believe that it’s absolutely vital that breeders are experienced and educated in animal genetics to ensure they have the expertise to carefully study and understand their dogs genetics.  Michael from Chevromist Kennels is always our first point of contact before we plan a litter of puppies.  Michael has been involved with breeding dogs for over 30 years.  Along with that hands on experience, he completed his degree in Animal Science with a focus on Genetics, then went on to complete his Honours work in immunology through Melbourne University’s Dept of Medicine and the CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory.  We are extremely fortunate to have Michael as an integral part of our team.

We test for the following genetic diseases