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“After receiving a recommendation by the Chief Veterinary Officer of Victoria our kennels received approval from the Agricultural Minister of Victoria”

Located less than one hour from Melbourne in the small but beautiful town of Ballan, our brand new kennel facility “Hepburn Park” has been carefully designed to ensure the purposely designed facility and dog breeding program is second to none. Each of our dogs have been carefully selected for health and temperament and are cared for by ourselves and a team of enthusiastic and energetic staff who are passionate about our dogs and the Chevromist breeding program.

Chevromist Kennels is a registered Domestic Animal Business that undergoes regular audits and inspections by Animal Welfare of Victoria as well as the local authority.  Our kennels have been approved by the Victorian Agricultural Minister after receiving a recommendation from the Chief Veterinary Officer of Victoria. In order to receive approval from the Victorian Minister we had to undergo a very lengthy process including a 6 hour audit conducted by 4 Victorian Animal Welfare Officers and the Chief Veterinary Officer of Victoria before the Agricultural Minister of Victoria considers granting approval. This process is necessary to ensure that Victorian Minister Approved Kennels are operating at the very highest of Animal Welfare standards and in time, we hope to see other states and territories around Australia follow Victoria’s example which will prevent “puppy farms” from relocating to states with weak animal welfare laws.   Learn more about the different types of Dog Breeders Registered in Australia

There are many different categories of breeders in Australia and it can be confusing to understand the differences.  Unfortunately, just about any body can claim to be a “registered” breeder but this is often misleading.  Victoria has the strongest laws in Australia regulating Victorian dog breeders.

Can we visit the kennels?

Stephanie Deller from WIN NEWS visiting our kennels for a news story

We do not allow visits from the general public at Hepburn Park.  Although this may seem like an inconvenience it ensures that all puppies at Hepburn Park are protected from viruses and disease which could be introduced into the kennel unintentionally from a visitor who may have just visited another kennel establishment, shelter or pound.  It is important to understand that Hepburn Park houses not only adult dogs which have been fully vaccinated but of course we also have many young and vulnerable puppies under the age of 6 weeks that have not been vaccinated.

Understandably many people are disappointed that they cannot visit Hepburn Park however we strongly believe a good breeder will always put the health and safety above trying to sell more dogs.  By keeping a degree of separation between where our puppies are born and raised before reaching the appropriate age of vaccination and the general public, we have radically reduced the risk of illness affecting our puppies.

How can we assure you that we are ethical?

We’ve always taken the position of absolute transparency.  The entire team from Chevromist are incredibly proud of our establishment and our dogs.  Our kennels have been visited by Local Councillors and the Media.  We also had the pleasure of inviting two Victorian Members of Parliament to our kennels.  Upper House Member of Parliament Joshua Morris and Upper House Member Jeff Bourman visited and met all of our dogs.  They were both extremely impressed with the level of care given to our dogs and the kennel facility.

As a Minister Approved Breeder, we must receive approval from the Chief Veterinary Office of Victoria in order to operate and are under one of Australia’s toughest animal welfare reforms.

We work closely with the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare Victoria to ensure full ongoing compliance.  This means regular inspections and audits by Animal Welfare Victoria and our local council.

“…I have been to Hepburn Park. I have got to say I was very impressed. Hepburn Park is quite a new facility. The condition of Hepburn Park is — I do not know how to describe it — just beautiful.” – Victorian Upper House Member of Parliament Jeff Bourman describing our kennels during a parliamentary debate about new legislation in Victoria.
Upper House MPs visit
Josh-Morris MP visit
“I was fortunate enough to attend Hepburn Park along with Mr Bourman and see a fabulous establishment, a great family operation doing excellent things” – Victorian Upper House Member of Parliament Joshua Morris

We have been featured

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Professional Breeders

Registered Breeders

As well as being Victorian Minister Approved, we are fully licenced as a Domestic Animal Business.  This means that we undergo thorough audits from the Chief Veterinary Officer of Victoria and our local council.

Genetic Health Tested Dogs

Our Breeding Program includes DNA testing for over 30 Genetic Diseases. Michael Attard from Chevromist Kennels has completed his degree in Animal Science with a focus on Genetics before completing his Honours work in immunology through Melbourne University’s Dept of Medicine and the CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory.  Michael is always available to provide expert advice and help improve our breeding program.

3 Year Health Guaranteed

Although we do our very best to reduce the risk of health issues, just like all living creatures, unfortunately we can not eliminate the risk of a health issue developing entirely.  Each puppy comes with a 3 Year Health Guarantee that covers Hereditary and Congenital issues up to the purchase price of the puppy.

Ongoing Support

Owning a new puppy is big decision and you may have questions as your puppy is developing.  We’ve been breeding dogs for over 30 years and we’re accustomed to new owners getting in touch with us for some advice.  We are always here to help!

Australia Wide Delivery

Do you live outside of Victoria?  Many of our puppies go to their new homes interstate.  We work closely with the very experienced “Dogtainers Pet Transport”.  Puppies handle the short flight just fine and we can arrange everything.  Visit our delivery page for more information or contact us.

Home Delivery

We can arrange for your puppy to be transported directly to your home.  Please visit our Delivery Page for more information or contact us.